Speaker [00:00:00] From New York Times I'm Michael Barbaro. This is the daily. Today since 1947 India has granted the people of Kashmir a set of protections that guarantee their autonomy. Jeffrey Gettleman. On why India just embraced that autonomy. It's. Friday.

Speaker [00:00:34] August 9th.

Speaker [00:00:38] Jeffrey tell me how you came to understand what was going on in Kashmir.

Speaker [00:00:44] So over the weekend I had been talking closely with a local journalist who works for us named Samir Yasir. I've worked with him a lot. I've traveled across Kashmir with him. He had told me that thousands of Indian army troops had flooded in to the valley in the last few days and there were barriers being erected. People were being called up for extra duty who worked for the government.

Speaker [00:01:15] Satellite phones were being passed out police officers and Sameer was just describing this anxiety and confusion and sense of doom hanging over the valley. He gave me the impression that there was a big preparation for some type of clampdown. And. He and I had a plan that we were going to talk on Monday. We were going to put together a story on Monday. And he said you know what. Let me send it to you Sunday just in case something happens. And he sent over a story about all these tensions and worries on Sunday afternoon. And that was the last I heard from him. You couldn't reach him after that.

Speaker [00:02:05] I tried calling him many times. I sent him messages I sent in emails and what we learned was that the Indian government had shut down all communication. From the Valley.

Speaker [00:02:21] On Sunday night. Shortly after I had last communicated with our with our colleague. So what did you do.