Speaker [00:00:00] My guest today is a good friend a brilliant man. One of the I guess probably the most famous astrophysicist in the known universe. His name is Neil deGrasse Tyson. The Joe Rogan Experience trained by.

Speaker [00:00:16] Joe Rogan podcast. Hello Joe.

Speaker [00:00:22] What's going on man. Good to see you. Thanks. Thanks. I feel a little overdressed. Sorry. You look good.

Speaker [00:00:27] Oh look at that little bit of starry night there. Yeah. You're really into that. Oh yeah. I got I got that. Yes. What's on your phone. You remember. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Yeah it's on the phone. Starry Night. What did you like about Starry Night. It's not what Vegas or. That night it's what he felt. How do you know what he felt. Because this is not a representation of reality and anything that deviates from reality is reality that has filtered through your senses. And I think art at its highest is exactly that. If this was an exact depiction of reality it would be a photograph and I don't need the artist. Mm hmm. OK. So even photographs that take you to a slightly other kind of dimension as you gaze upon them. It's more than what was actually going on at the time. And that's that's art taken to the craft of photography. And that's why you like it. This it's one of the reasons why. Plus I think it was the very first.

Speaker [00:01:26] Painting where its title. Is the background.

Speaker [00:01:33] Think about that. This could've been called you know the full painting obviously this is a Nobel. Yeah. Yeah. So there's a town there. There's a cypress tree there's a church steeple.