Podscribe for Creators FAQ

Podcasters rely on transcripts for:

  • SEO for new listeners to find their show
  • searching through & organizing old episodes
  • creating blog posts for each episode
  • making their show accessible for the deaf

We help hundreds of podcasters quickly, accurately, and affordably transcribe their content and then embed it on their sites.

With one copy-paste, our SEO-friendly embeddable player can unlock the value of transcripts on your site too:

Get a free sample transcript of your most recent episode – email transcriptions@podscribe.ai with your RSS feed link!


How does this work?

You publish your episode like usual, then we’ll automatically detect the new episode.

Within about 30 minutes of episode release, we’ll email you your episode transcript, link to edit, and embed code with nothing required on your part.

Most authors label speakers, make minor edits, then put our embeddable transcript player on the new episode page on their site.

Then their fans can read & search through the transcripts, and their page automatically gets an SEO boost since search engines can now read all of the episode’s content!

How much does it cost?

For each podcast, we offer four plans:

  • up to 2 hrs of audio/month – $7.99/mo if paid yearly ($9.99/mo if paid monthly)
  • up to 5 hrs of audio/month – $15.99/mo if paid yearly ($19.99/mo if paid monthly)
  • up to 10 hrs of audio/month – $23.99/mo if paid yearly ($29.99/mo if paid monthly)
  • up to 20 hrs of audio/month – $39.99/mo if paid yearly ($49.99/mo if paid monthly)

For more than 20 hrs/mo, contact us for a custom quote!

How accurate is it?

For most podcasts, 85-90% of words will be correct. For high quality audio in which speakers don’t talk over each other, you can expect 95%+ accuracy.

Just ask us for a free sample of your most recent episode to gauge the quality for your show, or view sample transcripts.

Can you transcribe my old episodes?

Yes. We can provide very reasonable rates for bulk transcription jobs.

Can I label speakers and edit my transcripts?

Yes, using our web editor.

What format do I receive my transcript?

You can view and play through all of your transcripts on our web transcript player at any time.  We can email you a copy of the transcript to place on your website and/or provide the transcript in SRT format to upload to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

How do I sign up?

Email us at transcriptions@podscribe.ai with your RSS url!