SEO-Friendly Transcript Player

Embed Guide

With one copy-paste, you can unlock the full value of transcripts on your website with our SEO-friendly transcript player.

Your fans will be able to read through the transcript alongside the audio and search through it to jump to any section of the episode.

Google will also be able to index all of the content in your episodes, not just the title and description. This increases the likelihood that Google will return your website in search results for any searches that your content matches (study one and two).

Here’s an example of an embedded episode (click any word to play):

Here are the steps to do this for your episode’s transcript:

1.   Click on the episode you want to embed. Then, click on the code logo.

2.   Copy the code.

3.   Paste onto your website as an HTML block.


Looking for inspiration? Here’s how some of our clients deploy our transcript player on their sites: