How to Install our WordPress Plugin

Here’s how to add our plugin:

Our WordPress plugin will automatically make a post for every new episode you publish. Each post includes an episode’s description and transcript. It will also make posts for your entire backlog, too.

1.   Download our plugin.

2.   On your WordPress dashboard, go to add a new plugin, and upload ours.

3.   Next, activate the plugin.

4.   Add your RSS to the plugin by clicking the Podscribe tab and then “add new podcast.”

5.   Back at the Podscribe tab, “Next Run” tells you when the plugin will next scan your podcast for any missed posts.

6. To change the color of the font, background, or speaker label, head to Settings, under the Podscribe tab. You can also specify under which category you’d like to place podcast posts here.

7. 10 minutes. That’s how long it typically takes our plugin to post a post after you publish an episode on your hosting platform.