Getting Started

Getting Started with Podscribe

Here’s our step-by-step guide for unlocking your transcript’s value! Most podcasters who work with us label and edit their transcripts after they publish their episode. They then embed our interactive transcript player in the new episode’s show-notes.

If you follow the steps below, you’ll learn how to do all of the above.

Receiving Your Transcripts

We’ll automatically transcribe your episodes a few minutes after you publish them, as we pull the audio from your RSS feed. When the transcript’s ready, we’ll email you. It usually takes 10 minutes.

Edit Your Transcript

Here’s how to edit your transcript to 100% accuracy. Or, how to add hyperlinks, speakers, and new words. Our suite of editing tools makes this easy.

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Embed an episode

Until you embed your transcripts on your site, the only place they can be found is on our site. Put them on yours instead! Your website will get a traffic and SEO bump. Plus, your readers will stumble upon them. We recommend you embed as soon as possible.

Here’s how.

We recommend putting this tool on your podcast’s main page. The all-search widget lets you search for every instance a word or phrase was said. If a listener can’t remember in which episode you spoke about “decreasing attention spans” then he can find it with the all-search widget.

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Manually upload an episode for transcription

It takes around 10 minutes for us to make your transcript after you publish an episode (on anchor, libsyn, etc.) and our transcript being published. If you want to publish your episode and your transcript together, you’d do so with a manual upload.

If you manually upload your episode onto Podscribe, you can get your transcript before you publish your episode. 

Read how.

If you’d like to learn how to download your transcripts to upload to YouTube for use as subtitles, click here.

How to make your transcripts private

Your transcripts are public by default. But if you’d like to make them a subscriber-only bonus, or restrict editing to only your team, email us at We’ll help you out.

How to Manage Your Account

For now, if you’d like to modify your plan, request human transcripts, or update an email address, please email us at A full internal dashboard is coming soon!

If there are any questions you have left, you may find them answered in our FAQ.